Welcome to my Content Literacy Strategies E-folio!

I teach third grade in Rantoul, IL. All of the strategies in this wiki were designed with third graders in mind but can be modified for any age group. This wiki is organized as follows:
  • Each general type of strategy is listed in the Navigation bar to the left.
    • Pre-reading strategies (Initiating)
    • During reading strategies (Constructing)
    • After reading strategies (Utilizing)
    • Vocabulary strategies
  • On each main page, there is a list of links to a strategy.
  • On each strategy page, links to teacher resources are provided when available. These links may be found at the bottom of the page. Some are located in the middle.
  • On each strategy page, the references appear at the bottom of the page.
  • References and resources are also available on the Resources Main Page, a link appears in the Navigation bar.
  • If the strategy contains technology or a grouping strategy, a note will appear next to the link to that page indicating if a technology or grouping strategy is present in the strategy.
  • The Reflective Paper has its own link in the navigation bar.
  • The Teacher Resource Binder will be set up so that the tabs and pages follow the same order as the wiki. A paper describing the strategy will appear before the organizers and resources that go with that strategy. All these materials will be kept together. The only exceptions to this will be the reflective paper which will appear first in the binder and the references page which will be the last page in the binder. References will also appear at the bottom of each strategy's page.