• Rationale:
• Over the course of a unit, quarter, or semester, we learn a lot of new vocabulary. I want my students to be able to remember this vocabulary for a long time. Vocabulary Memory gives my students a reason to study and remember the vocabulary terms they have learned—there’s a prize for the person who wins.
  • Courses in which it could be implemented:
• This is a great activity for any subject, but particularly math, science, and social studies. This activity should be done at the end of a unit, quarter, or semester so that students can build their vocabularies first. It would be great to do this at the end of the year with all the vocabulary students have learned throughout the year.
  • Diverse learners:
• This strategy is helpful to visual and kinesthetic learners. The visual learners can remember where different cards are and the kinesthetic learners get to move around. There are pictures on those cards where appropriate to help students who are learning a second language or struggling readers. Students can discuss what the terms mean, therefore, helping those who are more oral/auditory learners. This game taps into some students’ need to learn via social means.
  • Procedure:
1. Over the course of unit, teach appropriate vocabulary.
2. Make a set of cards—a card with the term and a card with the terms definition or a picture of the term or both.
3. Mix the cards up and then lay them out in rows and columns, like an array in math or a grid.
4. Students take turns flipping over two cards. If they get a match, they keep the cards and they get a second turn. If they do not get a match, they flip the cards back over, being sure to keep them in the same place. The other student gets a turn.
5. Repeat step 4 until there are no more cards.
Potential Issues:
• Potentially there will be students who do not know their vocabulary. This may cause arguments, hopefully it will encourage discussion. There will also may be students who just match any term with any definition. There will be answer key provided to check answers at the end of the game, or I can check answers when students are finished.

  • References
This was my own idea—or at least I think I just came up with it today. I probably read about it somewhere in some long lost article from years ago.

*Teacher Binder Materials
There are no binder materials. These will be added next year when third grade teachers have finalized our vocabulary list for the year.