Strategy Name: Layered Book

Strategy Citation: This is one of Dinah Zike’s foldables.

Zike, Dinah (1992). Big Book of Books and Activities. San Antonio, Dinah-Might

Strategy Description: Students folded 2 pieces of paper into a layered book to make a model of the Earth’s layers.

Description/Name of the class in which you used the strategy: I used this strategy in 3rd grade science to model the layers of the Earth.

Rationale: My students really need to have the visual model that they created in order to really understand the earth’s layers. It is also a fun way to learn.

Procedure: 1. I made a sample layered book.
2. I modeled folding the paper so that they end up with four layers.
3. Students used 2 pieces of paper to fold their layered book.
4. I modeled how to put a little glued in the crease of the top layer and glued the book together.
5. Students then glued their books together.
6. We let the glue dry a little before taking out scissors to cut the layered book into a rounded shape—which I modeled first for students.
7. Students cut their layered book so the top and sides were rounded.
8. On the largest layer, we drew a small circle for the inner core, we then drew a larger circle around that so that it was on both the largest layer and the next layer for the outer core.
9. Then, we took a marker and traced it around the edge of the book, this is the crust.
10. We labeled the mantle on the third layer and the crust on the last layer of the book with an arrow pointing to the line we had drawn around the book.
11. Next, we wrote about each Earth layer on the inside of each layer.


  • How did it go?
This went very well. Students were engaged and the following day they could still recall the facts about the Earth's layers.
  • Describe the experience from your student's view. Did this literacy strategy reach diverse learners? What learning styles responded well to this strategy? Did you have students engaged that previously weren't? What learning styles seemed to like it least? Everyone was engaged. Visual and kinesthetic learners were addressed because the they were able to create a model of the Earth.

  • What changes would you make if you use the strategy again?
I might cut the shape out for them, it will depend on the group of students. Most were able to do this without any problems.

• Make suggestions for using this strategy in other content areas.
Layered books are excellent for practicing vocabulary in any subject, making bar graphs for science, math, or social studies, or to model the steps for writing a paragraph, essay, etc.